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Legal assistance throughout Italy, from Livorno

For more than 20 years I have been working as a Lawyer with passion and dedication, working for those who need legal assistance to see they have their rights properly recognised and protected. I am mainly based in Foro di Livorno, where my law firm has been established since 1993, but for many years I have worked across Tuscany and all over Italy itself.
The professionalism I've gained over the years, coupled with my continuous search for the principles of transparency, fairness and confidentiality, has enabled me to address a national and international clientele, to whom I devote expert and targeted assistance in my areas of expertise. I have experience in every Degree of judgment from the courts to the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Lex. Renato Luparini: Training and professional experience

Born in Livorno on April 4, 1966, I graduated in Law on June 25, 1991 with the highest marks and praise at the University of Pisa, where for a number of years now I have also been doing didactic and scientific studies.
I then completed a training period at the State Attorney's Office in Florence, and in 1993 I set up my own Law Firm in Livorno, initially as a practicing practitioner and a lawyer. Since 1995 I have been a member of the Legislative Register of the Forum of Leghorn, and since 2007, a member of the Bar of the Lawyer for Assistance at the Cassation.
Attorney-at-law, marriage lawyer and labour attorney, I am particularly concerned with criminal law, specifically with regard to company law, separation, divorce, labour law, civil and criminal liability, succession and contractual assistance.
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